San Francisco Becomes First City to Offer Free City College

City College of San Francisco” by Michael Fraley licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NBC News

San Francisco’s Mayor Lee and City Supervisor, Jane Kim, announced a deal to offer free tuition for SF Community College courses to residents who have lived in the city for more than a year. The deal will kick off next fall.

In response to several discussions on rising tuition costs and growing student debts, city officials agreed to dedicate $5.4 million toward SF Community College tuition to benefit an estimated 28,000 students.

The effort is also aimed at improving college enrollment numbers, which have dropped dramatically over the years, due to unaffordable tuition.

In addition, the city will offer students grants to help with transportation costs and school supplies.

While San Francisco will become the first city to offer free college access to residents, other major cities that share a vision for free higher education, like New York, have discussed rolling out similar plans.

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Education, Justice & Poverty, News
Education, Justice & Poverty, News