Scientists Urge Administration to Halt Changes to Endangered Species Act

Panamanian Golden Frog – Atelopus zeteki” by Brian Gratwicke licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Biological Diversity

In a letter to the Trump administration more than 250 animal conservation scientists urged the administration to get rid of its plans to eliminate crucial legislation under the Endangered Species Act.

The letter read that if the legislation is amended and the new rules implemented, it will lead to “absolute disaster for efforts to save species from extinction.”

The new rules would not be helping to further conservation efforts and would actually be working against the preservation and conservation of species that are crucial to biodiversity and natural environments.

Outlined in the letter are three specific measures the administration hopes to implement, including rules to consider economic gains in deciding whether a species is protected or not and new rules to make it easier to remove and destroy habitats.

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Environment, News