SFMOMA: Reviving A Cultural Hub

"SFMoMA" by Domas Mituzas licensed under CC BY 2.0
SFMoMA” by Domas Mituzas licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: SF Chronicle

After three years of redesigning and an investment of $305 million, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) – the largest modern art museum in the US – is set to reopen in mid-May, and is equipped to educate, amaze and evoke fiery conversations.

The museum has nearly doubled its size, with seven-floors of galleries that include 1,900 works, many from key artists including Diego Rivera, Henry Matisse, Alfred Stieglitz and Andy Warhol — to mention a few. The awesome collection and expansion of SFMOMA is a result largely in part of the museum’s “Campaign for Art” which attracted over 200 art donors. Curators guided donor’s art choices in an effort to avoid class bias in their collections.

The highly anticipated grand (re)opening will surely serve surrounding neighborhood businesses, attracting a huge influx of tourism, and also, as the SF Chronicle notes, will help rebuild the excitement around global culture that is readily available. SFMOMA will serve as a “design catalyst,” a “seat for international movements” and will most importantly drive conversations on politics and culture, and the arts’ historical significance.

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