Soaring SF Rent To Displace Education Nonprofit

Source: Mission Local

As the rents in San Francisco continue to soar, an educational nonprofit has joined the ranks of other small nonprofits in search of affordable housing. The Schools, Mentoring and Resource Team (SMART) will leave its Mission St. location in July of next year, and has yet found no other suitable location from which to serve its clients.

SMART, which matches low-income students to educational opportunities, mentors, and experiences, has seen student numbers drop in recent years, a change that its executive director attributes to low-income families being priced out of the city.

The organization is receiving displacement mitigation assistance from the Northern California Community Loan Fund to help offset costs of its move. Leaders hope to find a central location within the city to continue operations so that their 165 students won’t be burdened with a difficult commute.

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Children & Families, Education, Justice & Poverty, News
Children & Families, Education, Justice & Poverty, News