Study Reveals Impact of Mental Health Issues on Young Drivers

Teen Driver” by State Farm licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Science Daily

A new study published in Nursing Research found that mental health symptoms associated with ADHD were found to be linked to more frequent “risky driving behavior” in young people.

The study examined 60 young drivers with new licenses, immersing them into a driving simulator test and assessing their mental health through questionnaires.

Researchers ultimately assessed the drivers on a number of mental health symptoms including ADHD, depression and conduct disorder. The study found that those who were self-reported to have high inattention were the most likely to make mistakes driving.

Those with higher scores in self-reported depression were less likely to make errors, the report said.

Researchers hope that the study will help to lead to an improved understanding of the impact of mental health on drivers, and that the knowledge will lead to safer driving.

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