Technologies for the Classroom

"Tablet Kyle (1 of 1)" by Paige Bollman licensed under CC BY 2.0
Tablet Kyle (1 of 1)” by Paige Bollman licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: KQED

The International Society for Technology in Education ( ISTE) is a conference attended by 20,000 plus educators who are passionate about incorporating technology into their classrooms. A professional development leader from the Ed Tech Team, Monica Martinez, compiled a list of useful technology to facilitate education.

Here are a number of useful technologies and tools for educators:

  • Google Expeditions – for exploring historical sites and natural resources virtually
  • Flippity – creating trivia-like games for class curriculum
  • Google Science Journal – for science experiments that can include data collection, analysis and notes
  • Google Cast – for project working onto a screen directly from a device, without the need for compatible hardware (just access to wifi)
  • Google Art Project – for zooming in on hundreds of fine art paintings from around the world
  • World Wonders Project – for exploring important and famous sites from around the world with videos and 3D-immersion
  • Constitute – for navigating and comparing constitutions from around the world
  • Safeshare.TV – for safely removing all popups and extra content from videos that educators might want to share with students
  • Youtube Time Machine – for searching content relevant to specific historical dates or subjects
  • Zygote Body – for navigating human anatomy in detail through interactive graphics
  • Pixlr – free editor that works similarly to Photoshop
  • Build with Chrome – a virtual building app with blocks on a geographic area
  • Androidify – for creating a personalized Android icon that can be shared, saved and transferred

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Education, News
Education, News