Technology to Advance Opportunities for People with IDD

Source: Forbes

Technology will sooner, hopefully than later, become an integrated part of the strategy to help diversify workplaces and expand opportunities for people with special needs. Joining the workplace is particularly difficult for individuals with Autism, who, according to Forbes, have limited access to landing jobs.

Even while the US Department of Labor requires that seven percent of the workforce for federal contractors is made up individuals with special needs, 85 percent of people with Autism who are of age to work are unemployed.

Technology could prove useful in developing programs to facilitate job search, job matching, hiring, on-boarding, training and even virtual workplace tours for people with special needs. At the moment, companies’ efforts fall short of catering to special needs and of fostering a diverse workforce, with limited resources and disconnected or decentralized sources that prove inefficient.

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Children & Families, Health, News