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The Benefits of Pro-environmental Practices on the Job Market in America

Iowa Wind Power” by Carl Wycoff licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Midwest Energy News

Understanding the positive regional, statewide and national benefits of investing in greener practices and energy efficiency is important if lawmakers want to strike a balance between environmental protection and economic development.

The recently signed executive order “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth” framed certain practices as “pro jobs” and “pro-environment.”

However, the economic benefits of investing in clean energy, green practices becomes more apparent when looking at how the midwestern region of America is impacted.  In the last decade, there was a 225 percent increase in electric energy efficiency investment in the midwest, and the region also demonstrated one of the largest investments in electric and natural gas energy efficiency.

A study evaluating the impact of investing in greener practices over a 25-year period in the Midwest found various economic benefits, including the creation of more than 105,000 midwestern jobs, an increase in midwest income by more than $8 billion, at least $23 billion in regional sales, and would add over $13 billion in regional economic value.

“If the goal is to be both pro-jobs and pro-environment, look no further than energy efficiency which is the low cost solution to job creation, energy savings and environmental benefits in our communities,” says Stacey Paradis, for Midwest Energy News.

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