Traveling Art Show Educates Texas on Latino LGBT Community

Chateau de Martainville” by Julien B. licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Dallas News

A new traveling art show is making its way through Texas, stopping in major cities like Austin, San Antonio and Houston to raise awareness and understanding for the state’s Latino LGBT community.

Entitled “MariconX” the art show seeks to take back a Spanish word that for ages has been used to insult people who identify as LGBT.

“We took away its offensive connotation in order to give a platform and a voice to a community that has some things to say through art,” said Director of MariconX.

The show includes art and photography from 29 artists who identify as LGBT and whose art touches upon LGBT experiences in the Latino community, including immigration.

“We want to be a vehicle to keep celebrating diversity,” said Director Trevino, as reported by Dallas News.

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