Trials for the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

"Global Warming" by Paul VanDerWerf licensed under CC BY 2.0
Global Warming” by Paul VanDerWerf licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Forbes

The Paris Agreement on climate change was signed by representatives from 175 countries last week. Leaders met in New York to discuss future plans on coping with the impacts of climate change and on developing low-carbon economies and infrastructures that can withstand the future risks that come with environmental changes. The general agreement pledges to move toward slowing the rate of climate change, but also of adapting the physical framework of our cities, states and country’s to evolve as a preventative measure against environmental risks.

Officials agreed that they would invest in helping poorer countries that are suffering from environmental changes and also agreed to invest in redeveloping our current systems to accommodate extreme conditions. Already Vegas, Miami and San Francisco have invested millions into recreating systems in anticipation of rising sea levels, flood control and more.

Countries have shifted their focus to developing a world that can withstand the changes to come within the next decades. Forbes writes, “Sustainability is a moving target,” not a one-time investment, and thus the agreement establishes the commitment of 175 countries to move forward with a new approach.

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