‘Turning the Tide’ a Campaign to Reform College Admission Process

"Black Student Leadership Conference at College of DuPage 2016 59" by COD Newsroom licensed under CC BY 2.0
Black Student Leadership Conference at College of DuPage 2016 59” by COD Newsroom licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

The college admission processes face major changes, as new reports show that pursuing higher education has become a superficial, strategic and in-genuine ‘manic race.’

Over 200 admissions professionals and higher education officials have united to start a reform campaign for the college admissions process called “Turning the Tide.”

The obsession with attending top-notch schools for high schools students drives them to compete with one another to fulfill very specific criteria that, admissions reformists say, often detracts from their abilities to pursue higher education passionately. The process of applying is more stressful than enjoyable and the odds of getting into top schools are often in favor of privileged, wealthy families.

“Turning the Tide” will reform the admission process by moving away from seeking perfectly brilliant and well-rounded students, and instead looking to admit on the basis on scholarly merit as well as their responsibility and contributions to their communities. The campaign encourages students to value compassion and their passions – not just grades – and encourages admissions to consider that all students, if they are ambitious, should have the opportunity to pursue higher education based on their character quality as well.

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