Undocumented Immigrants Can Get Car Insurance? A Look at Bill AB60

Car Insurance” by Pictures of Money licensed under CC BY 2.0

Sources: LAist // Mother Jones

The bill AB60 gives undocumented immigrants the right to obtain a license, and since the bill was passed in 2015, there have been several advantages outlined . Among them, an increase in the number of insured drivers, which overall improves public safety.

The Department of Motor Vehicles reported that since the bill was passed, there was an increase in the annual insured vehicles by 200,000 or more.

Those who advocated for the bill argued that public safety would improve, as more undocumented drivers are screened through the “rigorous testing process” to obtain a license.

While bill AB60 has generally been praised as a win for public safety, as the new law resulted in more insured drivers, many undocumented individuals who have since been processed through the DMV fear for the safety of their privacy in the face of Mr. Trump’s threats to deport all illegal immigrants.

A general fear is that the data which includes names, addresses and passport information, could be used by the government to identify undocumented individuals, if under the new presidency deporting undocumented immigrants becomes an aggressive priority.

“Many immigrants who lack proof of legal residence face a dilemma in deciding whether or not to take advantage of these programs and apply for driving credentials,” reported the Journal Mother Jones.

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