Using Tech to Improve Humanitarian Response During Disasters

NASA Engineers Conduct Low Light Test on New Technology for NASA Webb Telescope” by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Guardian

An expert panel on humanitarian response suggested the following points as some of the most effective ways in which technology can help in times of disaster:

  1. Artificial Intelligence is more efficient that man-power and ultimately can yield more results with less money
  2. Giving those affected by the disasters access to technology allows for improved organisation and communication
  3. Using technology to collaborate with other organizations is important in order for individual groups to have a greater and more effective impact on helping affected communities.
  4. Improving currently available technologies is equally as important as developing new technology.
  5. Social media is a powerful tech tool for communication, but some of the most vulnerable communities do not have access to these basic tools. Expanding access to such tools could help the most vulnerable populations.

The panel concluded that making sure that technology is being used for social good is something that humans must demand, because it can also be used to hurt humans.

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