Welcome to #EqualPayDay. Women are Paid Less Than Men in Every State in America.

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Source: Huffington Post

In America alone, women altogether earn $840 billion less than their male counterparts in one year, a new study reported in honor of Equal Pay Day.

Today, on Equal Pay Day, the nation is reminded of the fact that women are paid less than men in every single state. The exact date marks how far into the year women must work to earn what their male counterparts were paid the prior year.

The study conducted by the National Partnership for Women and Families found that the median income is just over 40K for women in America, and is over $51K for men

“The wage gap isn’t a symptom of women being less educated. Women with doctoral degrees are paid less than men with master’s degrees, and women with master’s degrees are paid less than men with bachelor’s degrees,” the study reported.

Wyoming has the worst pay gap, with women earning 64 cents to every dollar a man earns. Louisiana’s is 68 cents to every dollar, and West Virginia is 71 cents to every dollar. In all other states, the gap is 90 cents or below.

Those who are most affected by the pay gap are Latina women, followed by black women. When examining the states with the greatest population of professional working Latina women, researchers found that Latina women are paid 54 cents for every dollar paid to white, male counterparts.

The pay gap was found across all states, across most sectors of professional work.

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