What Breaks Cycles of Poverty? College Scholarships

"Commencement 2012 - Nazareth College, Rochester, NY" by Nazareth College licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Commencement 2012 – Nazareth College, Rochester, NY” by Nazareth College licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Seattle Times

The nonprofit College Success Foundation (CSF) recently issued a survey which found that many “low-income, B-average students who received scholarships to college” had, after graduation, landed good jobs, volunteered in their communities, and expected their children to go to college, too, reports the Seattle Times.

The nonprofit CSF grants a variety of scholarships in the state of Washington, surveyed students who had received Washington Achievers Scholarships, as well as some other types of scholarships. Many of these students were not initially seen as “college material,” but with some high school support and significant scholarships, 60% of these recipients went on to complete degrees. This may seem low but it is significantly higher than the overall 14% of low-income students that usually complete college in Washington state.

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Education, News