Why Half of Our Educators Would Quit Their Jobs Immediately

"ECS Classroom" by Norton Gusky Webb licensed under CC BY 2.0
ECS Classroom” by Norton Gusky¬†licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: USA Today

At least half of American educators in K-12 would quit their jobs for a higher paying jobs, according to a new survey conducted by D.C. based Center on Education Policy. The survey was taken by 3,328 teachers who answered 67 questions regarding their satisfaction with their job, the quality of leadership in education, the success of curriculum in the classroom and more.

The survey showed that teachers see prep time for state testing and poor leadership as some of the greatest issues in the educational system — and the ultimate reason for which half of them are not satisfied with their jobs. Forty-nine percent claimed they would leave their jobs for higher paying positions, 62 percent said too much time was spent on strictly preparing students for state testing and 81 percent said overall there was too much time spent on taking the actual tests.

Unfortunately sixty percent of teachers answered that they were not as enthusiastic now on the job as when they began teaching. The result of the survey perhaps indicates that state testing may not be time consuming, but also jeopardizes the quality of work from unenthusiastic teachers who see room for improvement in the system, but whose voices are not heard.

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