Will There be a Decline in Foreign Students Across American Universities?

International students” by UNE Photos licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: New York Times

Over the last year and especially now, foreign students who were considering applying for universities in the United States have been expressing fear and uncertainty in attending a school in a country that will be led by President-elect Trump.

Within several universities across the United States, there is a real fear of the loss of diversity, a real fear in the decline of applicants and foreign students that see American universities as possible.

In addition, many university funds rely on tuition from foreign students, who usually pay more. Currently, there are more than one million international students in the U.S., which generates about $32 billion for the U.S. economy.

But American universities have already seen withdrawn applications, and encountered many students expressing concerns over their safety.

Meanwhile, Canada has experienced a surge in applicants — many of them students from the United States.

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Education, News