With A Shortage of Stages, NYC Off-Broadway Companies Turn to Collaborations

Source: The Wall Street Journal

In the face of rising real-estate prices and the closure of the Union Square Theater, off-Broadway theater companies are searching for new ways to promote their art despite economic hardship. With so many great companies vying for grants and theater space, players on the scene have witnessed an increase in collaborations and co-productions as solutions to financial and space shortages.

For example, in April the organizations Page 73 and Ensemble Studio Theater will be collaborating to put on Leah Nanako Winkler’s play, “Kentucky,” which has a cast of 17. The two nonprofit’s combined resources make the production’s budget larger than a normal budget under a single company.

Financial collaborations like these are worth the risk– plays that eventually move off Broadway earn the organizations prestige in the long run, which in turn creates more access funding and other resources.

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