Women’s Health Benefits Could Suffer if the ACA is Reversed

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Source: NPR

Women’s health benefits could suffer under Trump’s presidency, and women could end up paying more for basic health coverage.

One of the most prominent concerns for women after the election has been the potential loss of coverage for contraception, but women’s health care in general will take a step back if Trump reverses the ACA.

Under the ACA, women have gained better access to health coverage, including maternity services and preventative care services, with no copay.

One study found that previously, in 2009, women were paying more than men among those who purchased from individual markets. The ACA required full coverage for ten health necessities, and individual markets could not charge women more for coverage that was the same as men’s.

Donald Trump’s cabinet may choose to reverse the ACA, and, in turn, reverse many of the health benefits women have gained over the last few years.

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