Connecticut Seeks Best Way to Distribute Education Funds for Schools

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Source: Hartford Courant

How much does it cost to adequately educate a child in school? Education leaders in Connecticut are on a mission to find out, through a $250,000 study.

Students from the Education Adequacy Project Clinic of Yale Law School, who work with the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding (CCJEF), presented the proposal last week for a $250K study to discover how much it costs to adequately educate a child in school.

The proposal comes at a moment when state legislators are discussing the best approach to distribute education funds to different school districts.

A previous proposal presented by the state governor would shift funds from wealthier schools to poor schools. The proposal suggests and urges the need for a more equitable funding formula that will evenly distribute money for schools in need, while taking into account other factors such as enrollment.

Education leaders fear that some districts will face tax increases to fund the shifts in money.

In order to educate the state’s poorest students, however, the state must “level the playing field first,” said Eric Chung, one of the Yale Law School students.

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