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Nonprofits Face Displacement in Bay Area with Rising Rent Costs

Downtown oakland – 2” by ChrisDag licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPQ

Nonprofits have been forced to move out of San Francisco because of rising costs of rent for work spaces.

In the last few years, many of those organizations have relocated to Oakland. With rent prices spiking again however, nonprofits will once again be forced to move out of their spaces in Oakland, some choosing to find smaller spaces in the area, while others are choosing to completely resettle.

According to a survey conducted by Harder + Company, more than 80 percent of nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area indicated that they are likely to move in the next five years because of rent prices.

City analyst Marisa Raya says “native” nonprofits are the priority if the city can intervene to help them battle displacement.

“Nonprofits serving and representing minorities and low-income populations have felt the impact of the forces of displacement most,” reported NPQ.

Organizations have been encouraged to seek shared workspaces to help overcome high rent prices, but even shared spaces are not financially feasible for organizations with low budgets.

Read full story at: NPQ

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